Selecting Magnetic Name Badges

Posted on Jun 16, 2016 in News | Comments Off on Selecting Magnetic Name Badges

UK Name Badge Manufacturer

uk name badge manufacturerAs a UK manufacturer of name badges we are extremely proud to work with an increasing number of diverse customers in fulfilling their name badge requirements.  It’s true there are a number of name badge companies who can fulfil an initial bulk order of badges, but few who are able to fulfill the inevitable replacement name badges or additional name badges for new starters.  Then of the few name badge suppliers who do, most operate a minimum order value or quantity, which means additional name badges are expensive or you need to wait for a certain number of badges before placing an order.

Why choose Magnetic Name Badges?

Here at Magnetic Name Badges we’ve always recognised the importance of not only fulfilling the larger orders but of equal importance the ongoing commitment to our customers to produce any future orders without charging a premium, or having a minimum order quantity. In fact, we’re so committed to this, we actually give you a 10% discount off any future orders for your name badges and are as happy to produce one badge as we are any given number of badges.  We also offer the same short production timescales, digital proof and outstanding customer service to these orders as we do for orders of hundreds or even thousands of name badges.  In addition to this we also keep digital records of all name badges we’ve ever produced, so regardless of how long it is since you last ordered name badges, obtaining additional or replacement name badges is simply a case of supplying us with the name and where required job title, we can then produce these badges to perfectly match any name badges we’ve supplied previously.

If the benefits above don’t convince you to consider magnetic name badges for your name badge requirements, maybe consider that we produce all our badges on site right here in the UK.  This enables us to easily manage stock and order fulfillment and ensures we can produce badges within timescales that other name badge suppliers can’t rival, as well as offering some of the most competitive priced name badges in the marketplace.  We also supply all of our name badges with our triple strength name badge fixing as standard, naturally we can supply any of our badges with pin fixings if this is preferred.

Magnetic Badge Fixings


As for our range of name badges we have our plastic name badges, ever popular due to stunning colour reproduction, range of sizes and the low cost.  Plastic name badges are perfect for all manner of businesses and are the number one name badge choice for Nurseries, Schools, Hospitals and the NHS.

Our metal name badge range is offered across a number of metal finishes and sizes as well as a custom cut service which is only marginally more expensive than our standard metal badges.  Metal name badges come in the choice of Silver, Gold or White and are extremely popular and ideal for all kinds of businesses, especially popular with Hotels and as badges for conferences and exhibitions.

Finally our Domed and Premium Domed are another a popular range, often the first choice for retail orientated businesses or those looking for a traditional framed name badge.

Our entire range of name badges are produced in full colour and can feature any logo, name, job title and even picture, all with no set up costs, and no minimum quantity.

We are firmly committed in producing great name badges at great prices and in ensuring we can do this for all our customers and all orders irrespective of quantity both now and in the future.