Name Badge Magnets

Name Badge Magnets

 Name Badge Magnets -  premium quality self adhesive name badge magnets, featuring 3 magnets and a durable plastic coating.  Our Name Badge Magnets feature a permanent self adhesive strip, 3 extra strong magnets and a a quality backing plate .

Self adhesive strip can be affixed to a variety of surfaces, simply peel off backing strip and stick.

45 x 13mm Name Badge Magnetic Fixing

Premium self adhesive name badge magnetic fixing, durable finish and 3 super strong magnets, arguably the best magnetic name badge fixings available.

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Our Badge Magnets feature 3 incredibly powerful Rare Earth Neodymium Magnets, making them the strongest badge magnets currently available.  Three powerful magnets ensure our magnets grip strong, even where other badge magnets fail.

3M™ pressure sensitive adhesive, extremely aggressive rubber-based adhesive is designed to bond to many different types of surfaces including corrugate, chipboard, wood, low surface energy plastics and powder coated materials. 

Our name badge magnets feature a quality steel, magnet fixing plate with diamond etch for extra grip. 

Warning: Magnetic Name Badge fixings should not be used if the wearer has any sensitive medical devices. Magnetic Name Badge fixings may cause interference with artificial pacemakers. Please check before ordering. Pin fixings are available as an alternative.
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