Dementia Friendly Name Badges

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Dementia Friendly Name Badges Dementia Friendly Name Badges or Patient Friendly Name Badges are becoming increasingly popular across the NHS and healthcare sector, with many hospitals replacing staff badges with these highy visible name badges.  Black text on a yellow background is widely considered to be the most readable patient friendly format, using a non fussy font of sufficient size.   Simple fonts such as Arial, Frutiger or Helvetica are preferred as they are much easier to read than serif type fonts like Times Roman or other more fancy fonts.   For maximum impact a high percentage of...

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Selecting Magnetic Name Badges

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UK Name Badge Manufacturer As a UK manufacturer of name badges we are extremely proud to work with an increasing number of diverse customers in fulfilling their name badge requirements.  It’s true there are a number of name badge companies who can fulfil an initial bulk order of badges, but few who are able to fulfill the inevitable replacement name badges or additional name badges for new starters.  Then of the few name badge suppliers who do, most operate a minimum order value or quantity, which means additional name badges are expensive or you need to wait for a certain number of badges...

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Click Here to see our #hello my name is name badges     #hello my name is… Recently we have produced a number of magnetic name badges featuring the above logo for different NHS Hospitals and Medical Practices.  Whenever we produced badges featuring #hello my name is logo we always commented on how nice the logo looked and worked on the different kind of badges we produced it on.  Unfortunately I think its fair to say that as a relatively newcomer to twitter, the #(hashtag) was somewhat lost on us initially. So what’s #hello my name is… all about?  Intrigued by the...

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