Gold Magnetic Metal Name Badges

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Gold Magnetic Metal Name Badges up close and personal

brushed gold magnetic name badges Find our more about our 72 x 36 mm brushed gold name badge from our popular range of metal name badges.

Whilst it’s fair to say that our brushed gold badges aren’t quite as popular as our brushed silver name badges,  they look equally as stunning especially when printed in full colour.

The metallic gold finish adds that touch of class and elegance, whilst the brushed effect tones it down enough ensuring it’s not too flashy, or in your face.

If it’s class, elegance and professionalism you’re looking to portray with your name badges, our brushed gold name badges have to be a serious contender.

72 x 36mm Gold Metal Magnetic Name Badge Specifications

Gold Metal Name BadgeWith an overall badge size of 72 x 36mm the badge also features a subtle bevel set 2mm from the inside edge, giving the name badge an effective print area of 68 x 32mm.

Made from durable, lightweight yet strong aluminum and with a badge thickness of less than 1mm (excluding magnetic name badge fixing) our metal name badges are the lightest name badges we currently produce, with the 72 x 36 metal name badge weighing in at just 16 grams.  The 72 x 36mm metal name badge corners are rounded to offer a professional appearance, and also to ensure the badge features no sharp points.

Like all our magnetic name badges our brushed gold name badges can be produced in full vivid colour.

Unlike inferior name badges that are surface printed or simply feature a sticker, at magnetic name badges we permanently dye your badge design right into the face of  our metal badges for maximum durability.  This process ensures that your badge designs are permanent and can’t be pecked or scratched off, in fact you can’t even feel the dyed part of the badge.

Magnetic Name Badge Expert Advice

We can’t print white onto any of our badges, so if your badges feature white as part of your design this will not be printed, any white in your name badge design will actually be the background colour of your choosen badge.

On our Gold metal name badges, colours darker than the actual gold badge colour work best this can be likened or actually reproduced by printing out your design onto gold coloured paper, the outcome of this is essentially the same as what will be reproduced by us on your gold metal name badges.

The gold background colour of the badge can affect the overall colour of your design, exactly the same as if you printed your chosen name badge design onto gold coloured paper.

Due to the dye process used and the gold colour of the name badges we aren’t able to perfectly match pantone match colours on our gold name badges, however we can get very close

magnetic name tags




University Name Badges

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University Name Badges

Are you looking for name badges for your University, then look no further here at we produce name badges for lots of Universities and Colleges.

Recruitment and Admissions  Name Badges and University Staff Badges

Whether you’re looking for staff badges, or name badges for your Recruitment and Admissions Department or both, we can fulfill all your requirements and for much less than you might think.

If its a low cost but highly customisable name badge you require then our plastic name badges take some beating, our plastic magnetic name badges are available in 3 sizes and like all our name badges can be produced in full colour at no extra cost.  With these great features it not hard to see why plastic name badges are the pick of choice for many Universities and Colleges, especially where cost is a factor.

Another firm University name badge favorite is our metal name badge range, again available in 3 different sizes and also 3 different base colours,  our metal magnetic name badges are lightweight and stylish.

Don’t forget our Domed Name Badges

Whilst it’s fair to say our plastic and metal name badges are the most popular name badges supplied to Universities, we still also produce a number of Domed Name badges, with our Domed badges often chosen as the preferred name badge for full-time University Staff.

Whatever you need to say on your badge or whatever your budget we are confident we can fulfill all your needs,  contact us now for a no obligation quote or visual.

Magnetic Name Badges Fast

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We have recently gone through a spate of orders where clients have needed magnetic name badges urgently, either because they have been let down by other suppliers or because they have just simply overlooked ordering them.

And still despite some extremely short notice, we have up to yet on every occasion managed to meet our clients urgent deadline, and delivered our magnetic name badges on time, without compromise.

Express Name Badges

In light of this we have decided to offer an express name badges range which will consist of a select range from our plastic magnetic badges and metal name badges  available on an express delivery, to cater for urgent name badge orders and tight deadlines.  We are currently still sorting out the finer details and logistics of this service, but we aim to officially launch it very soon, in the mean time it’s business as usual, so just let us know if you have an urgent deadline and we will still do everything in our power to supply your name badges in time to achieve it.

When we launch our express name badge service we are still adamant that you won’t have to compromise on features, and we will still offer full colour name badges with any logo, name and job title, so rest assured you can still expect our top quality magnetic name badges, it simply means you will get your magnetic name badges fast.

We do hope at some point in the future to offer this same express service on our domed name badges, however at the moment this isn’t possible due to the Crystalens process being subject to a drying and curing processes that doesn’t currently lend itself to and express timescale, but we’re working on this.

Name Badges Fast

So there you have it, if you need magnetic name badges fast, look out for the all new express name badges range coming soon from




Magnetic Name Badges goes International

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Its not just our UK customers that recognise what great quality and value for money our magnetic name badges represent.

Having recently supplied some of our Plastic Magnetic Name Badges abroad, it seems our prices and magnetic name badges are just as appealing overseas as they are here in the UK.  

We are delighted to have been selected as a name badge supplier, as we welcome all enquiries for name badges regardless of quantity and where in the world they come from.

Great value and great prices transcends all languages.






Low cost name badges

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Why choose plastic name badges?

If your looking for the lowest priced name badges then our plastic name badges are our cheapest option and represent fantastic value for money.

Low cost doesn’t mean low quality

Our plastic name badges are made from high quality FRP (Fibre Reinforced Plastic) which is commonly used in the aerospace, marine and automotive industry and is extremely durable and virtually indestructible under normal use.

The face of the undecorated plastic badge is bright white and glossy in appearance and as with all our name badges this can be printed in full colour and can feature any logo or text, including individual names and job titles.

Name badge printing in full colour

The term printing is somewhat misleading as our plastic name badges aren’t actually printed, but are produced using an innovative process involving specialised dyes, pressure and heat.

The name badge designs are reproduced using specialised dyes and paper, and then using intense heat and pressure, the dye is transformed from a liquid form to a gas that permeates the plastic name badge.  Once cooled the dye solidifies leaving a durable permanent image.  This process is so effective if you look very carefully at the sides of a full colour plastic name badge you can actually see that the dye has penetrated way below the surface layer of the badge.  This is far superior to printing directly onto the name badges as the image cannot be scratched off and is much more hard wearing.

Cost effective functional name badges

Plastic name badges we believe are the perfect choice where function and cost are both key, allowing you to have a full colour name badge completely personalised with a magnetic fixing at an incredibly low price.








Name badges with no minimum quantities

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It’s important when you choose your name badge supplier to consider their charges and policies when it comes to minimum quantities and repeat orders.

This may not seem relevant when placing your initial order, particularly if you are purchasing  a number of name badges, or name badges for all of your staff.   But what happens if you recruit a new member of staff? or one of your staff members loses their name badge? then it does become relevant.

Whilst lots of name badge suppliers claim to have no minimum quantities, many actually charge premiums and hidden set up fees, which makes purchasing replacement badges and single badges extremely expensive.

Magnetic Name Badges offer 10% off replacement name badges!!

Here at Magnetic Name Badges we don’t believe in charging excessive fee’s for replacement name badges or small orders, all name badge orders are welcome, regardless of quantity.  We are always open and honest and all our prices are clearly advertised, so you know exactly what you will be paying up front even if you do require just one badge, we have no set up costs, and we actually offer a 10% discount off the advertised prices for replacement name badges.

We want to build up a great long term working relationship with all our customers and we want you to know that you can always get replacement name badges and new name badges as and when you need them, without paying over the top prices. 


Name Badges with QR Codes

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Here at magnetic name badges we have long been a fan of QR Codes and have incorporated these into quite a few of our badges. QR or quick response codes offer a simple way to share your important details or information with clients.

Using QR Codes on Name Badges

Name badges with QR codes are perfect for trade shows or conferences, and can be used as an alternative to business cards. The QR code can be encoded so that anybody who scans your badge instantly gets all your contact information, making it a much quicker alternative to manually entering details from a business card.

Using specific QR codes you could also direct customers to a hosted video or to a page on your website, ideal if you have a specific product or offer you want to promote.

How about using a QR code on your name badge to enter a competition, if your customers had to scan your badge to enter the competition, this offers the perfect opportunity to engage with them.

Incorporating QR codes into your name badges also shows that your company is up to speed with current technology, as well as providing a great way of sharing your details or promoting your company or products, the only limit to QR codes is your imagination.

If you would like to read more about QR codes your can find further information here

We find the our domed name badges are perfect for use with QR codes.

Want to know more about Domed badges?

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How are our Domed badges produced?

Find out how our domed name badges are produced.

Each badge is digitally printed on our professional high quality printer (this printer uses 10 colours, most printers use 4) this produces stunning colour accuracy and ensures that even smallest and most intricate badge designs can be produced.  This prints onto a specialist polyester media that features a subtle pearlised finish, this pearlised finish further enhances the colours and also serves to compliment the Crystalens process.

Once the badges are printed and dry they go onto a cutting machine where each badge (more…)

Pin Badge Fixings

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If you would prefer name badges with traditional pin fixings its no problem we can supply any of our badges with pin fixings instead of the magnetic badge fixings, just let us when placing your order. We can also provide a mixture of fittings so you can have some name badges with magnetic fixings and some badges with pin fixings.

Magnetic Badge Fixings

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Our Magnetic Badge fixings are unbelievable strong, they are the perfect fixing for any types of clothing and ideal to be worn with suits or any other item of clothing that you don’t want to pierce with a traditional pin badge fixing.  These super strong magnets are almost impossible to pull apart so you can be sure they wont accidently come apart under normal use, but simply slide the magnets apart to remove the name badge.