Name Badges for Events

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Need Name Badges for an event? Are you looking for name badges for a corporate event, conference or exhibition?  Do you need quality personalised name badges producing quickly?  If you answered yes to any of the above, or if you simply want fantastic name badges producing, no problem, that’s exactly what we do here at Magnetic Name Badges. Corporate Event Name Badges Every year we produce countless name badges for all kinds of corporate events and conferences, and for all manner of industries.   In this time we’ve noticed a few things that tend to be consistent when it comes to name badges for events. There is a requirement to cater for a few last minute additions. Timescales are normally pretty tight.  The name badges must be delivered before the event.  If you think the last one is pretty obvious, (and we agree it is) you would be amazed at the amount of customers we get, simply because their previous name badge supplier failed on this obvious requirement.  We perfectly understand the requirements and we know there are a million and one other things to organise, and not just the event name badges.  We offer two ranges of name badges that perfectly cater for all these requirements; these are our plastic name badges and our metal name badges.   As with our entire name badge range, our metal and plastic range of badges can be produced in stunning full colour, and can be highly personalised and feature any logo or text including individual names, job titles or descriptions.  Our range of metal and plastic badges can also be produced within even the most demanding timescales, ideal for any last minute additions.   Whichever range you choose, our metal and plastic name badges, add a professional, yet highly functional touch to any corporate event, and without blowing the event budget. Let us take the hassle out of your corporate event name badges and contact us today....

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Plastic Name Badges… customise without compromise.

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Plastic Magnetic Name Badges Our  range of Plastic Name Badges are perfect for even the most complex and colourful name badge designs. Digitally Printed Name Badges Unlike traditional screen printed or engraved name badges, our plastic name badges are digitally printed using the latest digital printing processes and technology. Digital printing offers a number of important benefits over these more traditional name badge manufacturing processes. Full colour without limitations The full range of our name badges are digitally printed using a CMYK process, offering photographic quality images, tones and gradients that simply cannot be reproduced by screen printing or engraving methods. Same Low costs, regardless of how many colours The CMYK process is a full colour process and unlike screen printing the cost prices doesn’t increase with the number of colours. With our name badges the price remains the same, regardless of the number of colours or complexity of your name badge design. Flexible with a Quick turnaround As there is no need to produce any screens or dies our magnetic name badges can be produced much quicker than traditional methods, without any set up costs or origination costs to pay.  The digital printing process we employ is also a more flexible process where amendments to artwork or colours are more easily accommodated, no need change inks, wash off or produce more costly screens or dies. Plastic Name Badges Our Plastic Name Badges arguably offer the greatest amount of customisation of any of our name badges. Our Plastic Name Badges offer stunning vibrant glossy colour reproduction, and the full face of the badge can be printed. This means that borderless designs can be reproduced with ease and also designs that bleed off the edges of the badge.  The background of the badge is naturally white but again this can easily be changed to any printable colour. And if that’s not enough to convince you that you should take a close look at our plastic name badges, they also benefit from being our lowest cost name badges as well.  ...

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Dentist Name Badges

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Plastic Name Badges, the Dentist’s choice. Our Magnetic Plastic Name Badges are proving to be the perfect name badges for Dental Practices and Dentist Surgery’s and have established themselves as the name badge of choice for Dentists.  With their hygienic,high gloss easy to clean finish,  Plastic Name Badges perfectly fit in and complement any Dental Practice or Dental Surgery. Name Badges without compromise As with our full range of name badges, plastic name badges can be printed to your exact specification,  there is no need to compromise when it comes to your dental badge design.  Utilising the latest digital printing techniques our plastic name badges can incorporate your full colour logo, individual names,  job titles and anything else you would like to feature on your badge.   Plastic name badges are available in 3 different sizes and with either a magnetic or pin fixing. Low Cost and No Minimum Quantity Our Plastic Name badges are great value for money and are actually our lowest priced name badge, but just because plastic badges are a low cost name badge this certainly doesn’t mean they are a low quality name badge. Another reason we believe our plastic badges are the popular Dentist’s name badge choice, is that they are available with no minimum quantity, and with no set up costs. Plastic Name badges whilst being particularly suitable for Dental Practices are also suitable for all other kinds of environments, including schools, sports clubs, gyms and nursery’s to name just a few.            ...

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